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This 492-page book was designed as a "How and Why Book," informing readers not only how to manage their macropods effectively but why their management should be conducted in a certain manner. Author David McCauley's focus in writing this book is to provide the proper information written in layman's terms but to also answer the questions a veterinarian would require in treating macropods in any medical situation. He also includes extensive technical information for the person conducting macropod research. Learning the practical and the scientific aspects of macropod care is where true understanding comes from.

The author's intent is not to scare or steer people away from macropod ownership, but to inform and educate inexperienced and prospective macropod owners (and their veterinarians) so as to encourage responsible management and ownership. The book is designed to also serve as an easy and quick reference tool. A considerable amount of preventative medicine has also been incorporated into this book as an aid to effective management.

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