What we offer is a proven system for our customers to follow on macropod care. This is accomplished by first understanding the macropod's needs and then mimicking the environment they are naturally adapted to in the wild. When you have successfully provided what nature has supplied macropods for thousands of years, the results speak for themselves.

Since 1985, Dave 's Animal Farm has been breeding, importing, exporting, and brokering exotic animals. We specialize in Bennetts wallabies, but also offer other species of macropods and many other types of exotic animals.

Our clientele includes large municipal zoos, private zoos, exotic animal breeders in North America, Canada, Mexico, South America as well as overseas, and most commonly, individuals who would like a kangaroo for an unusual companion pet. Consulting and presentations are also offered.

What sets Dave's Animal Farm apart is over 17 years of extensive experience with macropods, including contributing to and keeping abreast of the newest research available-all to advance the understanding and overall health of captivity held macropods.

We will not release a macropod to a customer until they are thoroughly trained and prepared to receive their animals. Also no macropod will leave our facility until it is thoroughly crate conditioned and prepared for the trip. This process is explained more thoroughly in my book.
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