Bennetts wallabies are the most popular and common macropod in the USA, as they make the best pets. Bennetts come in several shades of colors from dark brown to light caramel with gray tips to the majority of their hair follicles. The hair on the back of their necks is tan to red tinted giving them the name Bennetts redneck. Their entire underline is silvery gray running from under the chin down the torso to the base of their tail. Mature height and weight is generally 30 inches tall and 30 pounds in weight. Normal life span averages 12-15 years.

For pet purposes, a Bennetts is the wallaby of choice as it is the most hearty, docile, and most able to endure a wide range of climates. There are individual personality and temperament traits within all species, but bottle-fed Bennetts that were pulled at the correct time and receive continuous contact with humans tend to remain friendly and affectionate throughout life.

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