Farm owner David McCauley has owned and studied animals for most of his life and has recently written an inclusive 350-page book entitled "MACROPODS: Their Care, Breeding, and the Rearing of Their Young."

From being raised in rural South Texas to moving to North Africa, Europe, and back to Texas where he attended university for six years studying Animal Medical Technology and Animal Science, animals have been the driving force in his life.

Using his educational background in animal nutrition, he developed a feed ration for his large mob of Bennetts wallabies, later selling the formulation and his experience to Purina Mills Inc. who named the product Mazuri, Kangaroo and Wallaby Diet 5Z88. The feed is now being distributed worldwide.

Through the years, Dave has written many magazine articles that have been featured in major exotic animal publications in the United States as well as overseas.

Dave has traveled across this country giving seminars and consulting with zoos and private animal facilities and recently returned from a trip to Japan (May 2001) where he hand delivered a pair of bottle-feeding wallaby joeys, consulted with a private animal facility, and lectured in a Japanese school concerning Macropods.

In May of 2005, Dave and his daughter Melanie traveled to Germany and delivered a pair of bennetts joeys to a customer for use in a TV documentary. They were featured on a German national news program and interviewed by a major newspaper and radio station. German PBS also interviewed Dave for their documentary, which follows the joey's lives until they are parents themselves.

He is available for future consulting and presentations and still owns his large mob of Bennetts wallabies in Texas , which he supplies to zoos, exotic animal breeders, and the bottle-fed joeys to the public as pets.

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